jeudi 16 juin 2016

JEFF MILLS - Axis Records - Sleeper Wakes Chapter 9 - FREE FALL GALAXY

"Free Fall Galaxy"
Série Focus
Art Cover Disc vinyl version - LP 12" x 12"

"Free Fall Galaxy"
Série Focus
Art Cover CD  version 

Picture Axis Records

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The inimitable Jeff Mills has announced that his latest LP, Free Fall Galaxy, will be released via Axis Records on June 24th. The record is the 9th installment in his The Sleeper Wakesseries, and it follows on from where such contemporary classic techno long-players as Emerging Crystal Universe and Jungle Planet left off.Like those records, it demonstrates Mills’ amazing musicianship and ability to form narrative arcs within the broader genre of techno. This continues his unearthly musical output: The man seems to continually drop 12″s and LPs that most musicians would be happy to make in a lifetime.Mills describes the record as “a science fiction story about the structure, preservation, limits of the human species and existence, the assumed realm of other intelligent life forms, the other dimensional worlds and realities beyond the horizon of our imagination.”

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  1. Salut,Je le DJ est Je voulais demander
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